Tuesday 30 August 2016

Congratulations! 10,000 members now enjoy MyMailMoment's privileges

MyMailMoment's 'voice' is getting louder as it welcomes more members. Membership at MyMailMoment broke the 10,000 mark thereby allowing even more people to earn great rewards by just sharing their opinions.

MyMailMoment is proud to welcome its 10,000th member into its ever-growing family. To commemorate this special occasion, Mr Adrian Kang who has the honour of being the 10,000th member received gift vouchers worth $300 from MyMailMoment. Elated over this pleasant surprise, Mr Kang says

"This is awesome, it is a great surprise to hear that I am MyMailMoment's 10,000th member and am pleased to join in their celebration."

When Mr Kang came down to collect his prize, MyMailMoment did a short interview to find out what he likes about our portal. This is what he said.

“Clean-cut interface, specific instructions, fast loading web pages, interesting questions that are not the usual boring survey questions that I have seen elsewhere, good reward scheme, I find it attractive enough for me to participate in even though I am fully-employed with limited to spare.”

Furthermore, Mr Kang added.

“As a newly launched portal, it is already above and beyond my expectations. I hope that the portal can continue to grow and attract

Even more people to sign up as members!"

Thank you Mr Kang for your keen participation and support for MyMailMoment!
Once again, congratulations on winning our $300 gift vouchers!

A large membership base allows MyMailMoment to provide better feedback to companies to further improve their products and services to better meet the needs of customers.

Have your say on important matters now to shape the products and services of tomorrow. Take full advantage of all the benefits and rewards while increasing your chances of winning in the quarterly lucky draws. Join MyMailMoment today!
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