Tuesday 30 August 2016

Make your opinions count and be rewarded with cash!

You may not realize this but your opinion is worth more than you think! "Why?" you may ask. The reason is simple as companies invest a great deal to find out what you - the consumers want to better improve their product and service offering.

MyMailMoment is now your portal to provide these companies with information they are looking for while getting paid for it! Based on your profile, you can take part in a variety of surveys and get paid between
  • $50-$150 for focus-group discussions
  • $10-$50 for telephone surveys.
It's a win-win situation for everyone as you'll be rewarded for your opinions while these companies work harder to satisfy your needs and wants even better!

How does it work?
In partnership with top research companies, MyMailMoment connects you with the opportunity of earning extra cash for participating in focus group or phone surveys.
You will be offered invitations for the following:
  • Get paid $50-$150 to participate in focus groups. (in-depth interviews)
  • Get paid $10-$50/h to take phone surveys. (dependant upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it.)
If you are not the target respondents for the study, you will still get redemption points or voucher as a token of appreciation for your time and effort.
Make your opinions count and get paid for surveys.

How can I be invited to take part in the above surveys?
MyMailMoment will contact potential respondents by call or email. Once your details is verified and you are our target respondents, you will be offered for Get Paid Surveys to feedback on a range of subjects.

I do not want to be invited to focus group and phone survey
You can contact us by using this form.

Do you share my personal information with anyone else?
You can be assured that all the personal information provided to us in our membership registration is kept in the strictest confidence. Singapore Post does not reveal nor exchange your personal information with external parties – merchants and/or business partners unless otherwise agreed by members.
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