Wednesday 24 August 2016

Master your Morale

If it’s only Monday and you’re already feeling discouraged by work, you may need to psych yourself up to master your Monday madness. Ng Yan Hong has 10 simple ways to make you feel special again about work!

     1.    De-clutter
In fact, try to remove those extra mirrors. It is proven in a study that having too many reflective surfaces around you can increase anxiety and blood pressure. Also, clearing a space in your home or office makes the place brighter and roomier, and you can’t deny that it provides a surge of self-satisfaction that will last throughout the entire day.

2. Mix and mingle
Yes, we all need alone time, but too much self-talk is not good. Get outside! Pull out your calendar and plan some fun. Throw a party or have a karaoke showdown with your buddies. Or if you’re the laidback type, even a simple night out at the bar can do wonders.

3. Have a “do something special” day 
When was the last time you sent a snail mail? Or do you remember those old-school photo booth machines you used to be such a lunatic over? Time to reserve a day for these special, carefree moments. Grab a friend if you like. How does every Sunday sound? Just in time to brace yourself for the week ahead.

4. Dress to kill
Nothing beats loving what you see in the mirror. Don’t just throw on the first piece of clothing that is lying on top of the pile. Try something different today! What about that unique tie hanging there since January, or that silk blouse lying in the corner untouched? And before you leave the house, get rid of that unsightly stubble if you’re a guy, or put on some make up if you’re a gal. Looking good makes you feel better about yourself, naturally.

 5. Change your desktop wallpaper
Perhaps things got a little boring and you’re getting sick of this daily routine. For all you know, it might be something as simple as staring at the same background for too long. Change it drastically – from simple to complicated, plain to colourful, artsy to abstract. The time spent searching for new wallpapers can take your mind off the task at hand for a while. If you’re up for it, open up Photoshop and splash on those colours yourself!

6. Force a smile
You’ll be surprised at how well this might work. After faking it for a good ten minutes, you’ll suddenly realise how easy it is to be chirpy rather than staying gloomy the whole time. Show off those pearly whites and put some vigour into your “good morning”s. Even if you’re feeling like a hermit that day, just a little smile and a nod will do.

7. YouTube something funny
You know there’s always something to laugh about on the Internet. Type in Will Ferrell, hit Enter and I can assure you that you’re off to a good start. Just a few minutes will do and please remember to watch out for the boss.

8. Zzz
This is only when you have the time to do so. Taking a few days off work? Words can’t describe how incredible it feels to snuggle comfortably under those familiar, soft and fluffy blankets. Just relax, clear your mind and let yourself drift off to sleep. Be careful to set some kind of alarm though, because for all you know, three days might just slip past like that without you even knowing.

9. Think happy thoughts
How was it like when you got your first paycheck? Relive that feeling. Positive thinking goes a long way and we don’t give it enough credit sometimes. Just one happy memory right before you get out of bed every morning and you will be walking with a bounce in every step.

10. Make lists
It can get annoying especially when new things just keep getting added to the list, and it becomes two pages long instead. But you have to admit that you sure feel accomplished every time you get to strike something off. When it’s all crossed out, tear it up and shred it into as many pieces as you want!

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