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What members have said about us

MyMailMoment deeply appreciates all the feedbacks we have gathered from active members.

Teo Ser Min (SXXXX276I), 13 March 2009
“Mymailmoment is such a great website! I love the interesting surveys that I always look for every now and then! Thanks to mymailmoment that I can help to play a part in charity and as well as getting to redeem some vouchers! I also have an oppotunity to voice our own opinions through surveys. Hope they come in handy one day!”

Lim Wan Ling (SXXXX503G), 4 March 2009
“Love this website! Very user-friendly website and nice interface!Not only we can do surveys and redeem prizes, mymailmoment allows us to do a part for charity and receive goodies! I have received a packet of sample of the Jagabee chips and it tastes fantastic! If mymailmoment didn't send me the sample, I won't even know or heard of this potato chip.Thanks once again!”

Anita Abu (SXXXX412C), 3 March 2009
“I would like to express my thanks to MyMailMoment for allowing me to join as a member. This is the best website that allows me to express myself as well as receiving rewards. Enough is Never Enough, MyMailMoment give me more.”

Syaza Lim (SXXXX295F), 30 November 2008
“My mail moment has allowed me to be aware of my personal views in many different areas & allowed me to benefit the needy ones at the same time! I wish more people would join my mail moment!!”

Sim Kok Ann (SXXXX126A), 21 November 2008
"MymailMoment is an excellent platform for people to give opinions and at the same time earn points, best of all, able to redeem item!!! I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know and share this marvellous website with them. Once again, Thanks to MyMailMoment!!! Hope to see more members along the way ..."

Ong Chai Ling (SXXXX589G), 15 October 2008
"First of all, I'm very happy that I actually won the Grand prize as I did not expect myself to be so lucky. In my opinion, I think that my mailmoment is considered very user friendly and the layout of the website is very clear cut, easy to navigate. Keep up the good work!"

Keith Wong (SXXXX260F), 14 July 2008
“MyMailMoment stands out from the other online survey portals through its simplicity and its rewards! It is refreshing to see a site which actively strives to reward its users via lucky draws and generous points issuance and as a local site, it gives a personalized service which other international sites cannot compare. The best feature about the site is that it allows the users to tailor their reward points to redeem the gifts they need instead of unsuitable fixed gifts. Do continue to provide more opportunities for your members!”

Jeannie Seow (SXXXX218I), 10 July 2008
“MyMailMoment is indeed a splendid portal - allowing you to voice your views, and best of all, to earn rewards and also a chance to win in the lucky draw! And yes, was really overjoyed that I won 2nd prize in the July 08's draw. Thanks MyMailMoment!  I'm sure to recommend this portal to even more of my friends. Thumbs up!”

Soh Yoke Kung, Irene (SXXXX808G), 9 July 2008
"Thanks to MyMailMoment for giving me the honour to voice out my opinion and be rewarded for it. Will definitely recommend to all my friends"

Chris Neo (SXXXX878I), 2 June 2008
"With this wonderful program going on, I can invite my friends to join me in answering quizzes, surveys and be rewarded with fabulous gifts.  Best of all, registration is FREE and by referring a friend, I'll also be rewarded with points once they signed up.  So, this is a win-win program for both me and my friends... Good things must be shared :)"

Ms WeiLing Lau (SXXXX429H), 21 May 2008
“Thanks to MyMailMoment!!! With this platform, I am able to voice out my opinion by doing the survey. Most importantly, it took less than 10 minutes and we can earn points after finish the survey. This is really a win-win situation. Keep up the GOOD work!!! Cherlene"

Ms Jamie Ong (SXXXX995G), 8 Apr 2008
“Yes!! Thanks for MyMailMoment! I am happy that I won the grand prize. I will continue supporting the portal as I like my feedback to be heard, plus I get great perks in return…”

Ms Cindy (SXXXX481D), 8 Apr 2008
“I think the idea of mymailmoment is very interesting. As a matter of fact, I have not come across the idea of having rewards for doing surveys. The surveys are close to people’s hearts and it is generally short and concise which is easy for us to fill up ….”

Mr Ng Boon Tech (SXXXX629G), 6 Apr 2008
“The surveys are very user friendly and it did not take me much time to fill up...”

Ms Valencia Lai (SXXXX849H), 23 Mar 2008
“This is a good initiative. Hopefully my opinions will get me more personalised products and services. Could you offer more surveys so that I can earn more points for redemption.”

David Woon (SXXXX440F), 20 May 2008
"I like the concept of mymailmoment and would certainly continue to support it and promote it to my friends :) Keep up the good work!"  

Leng Wong (SXXXX561D), 1 Feb 2008
"This is very cool...I like the concept."

Patricia Gloria Ganay (SXXXX377), 19 Jan 2008
“Thanks for making me a part of this club. More power to all of you!”

Ann Kit (SXXXX131E), 18 Jan 2008
“This is a nice website and very user friendly. Doing charity yet receiving rewards and lucky draw + personalised mailers. Much better than other survey portals. I like it”

The feedbacks above reflect only some of the members who share their experiences with us. MyMailMoment as a newly launched research portal aims to understand you, we value your feedbacks and it allows us an opportunity to serve you even better in the future.
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