Thursday 22 September 2016

August – The Way to Happiness

Even as there is no true scientific definition for happiness, which exists as a range of positive emotions, there is an estimate method of measuring it. The Happy Planet Index (HPI) measures how governments from around the world provide happy and sustainable lives for their people, based on three contributors: life expectancy, happiness and environmental sustainability.

You may be interested to know that Singapore hasn't fared too well – ranked 49th out of 143 countries in 2009, we have since doubled that position and gone down to 90th place in 2012, which also translates to Singaporeans becoming an increasingly unhappy lot.

So, what makes us so unhappy now? Having aced the life expectancy and well-being sections, the part that really dragged us down was environmental sustainability. But enough of this – happiness is not a test, we should aim to make it a way of life.

Staying happy in your everyday life
Happiness is a state of mind. It is anything but a destination; constantly moving forward with an optimistic mindset will keep you a happy camper!

Appreciate the little things in life. A home-cooked meal, watching the sunset with your beloved, the small flowers that grow in bunches by the road and laughing with a friend over drinks – these memories belong to you.

Talk to strangers. Open up to people you’ve met for the first time and you might be surprised at how they will, in turn, open up to you. Gather inspiration from random conversations and feel a positive transformation take place inside you.

Make plans. Set personal, realistic goals and make it your purpose to fulfil them. They may be small aims or big aspirations. The sense of satisfaction from achieving your goal is your reward. No matter if they fall through, just make more!

Give yourself a pat on the back. Find peace within yourself in the middle of a hectic day and do something that you enjoy, such as taking quiet time for coffee in your favourite café. Remember, nobody should be allowed to define your happiness.

Do for others. Be kind to the people around you and love even more those that matter. Confide in them and listen to them. When you put smiles on the faces of others, they will return your smile. An exquisite joy comes from loving and being loved.

Keep moving. Make it a point to uproot and live someplace else many times throughout your life. A new environment, new people to meet and new experiences are always refreshing for the soul.

Let go. Don’t keep your problems so close to your heart. Let go of your emotional baggage and don’t let it tie you down. Getting on with unburdened living is an important aspect of staying cheerful and upbeat. With this, move on and always look towards the brighter side of things – after all, pessimism never got anyone anywhere.
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