Friday 14 October 2016

Valentine's Day

Don’t know what to do for Valentine’s? 

Vincent Wong and Leanna Tan have tips for making your Valentine’s this year unforgettable, with ideas that’ll help ensure your V-Day doesn’t turn into D-Day.

She says…

1.  Saving makes wallets, hearts bigger

Trust me, I have enough male friends to know that even the most romantic guy flinches slightly at the hole V Day often puts in the pocket.

The possibilities are endless. Burn him a romantic CD with his favorite songs or songs that describe your romance. Give him handmade gifts. Stay in and rent a movie.

Plan a walkabout on ‘your spots’ - the place where you first met, had your first kiss or decided to take your relationship forward. Recreate your first or most memorable date.

They key with this is you need to exercise your imagination and your understanding of what your partner likes and what is special to the both of you.
The realization that you were thoughtful enough to consider the cost to him, as well as the effort that you put in to making this evening work could be one of the most romantic gifts yet.

2. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 
Firstly, don’t underestimate the power of a home-cooked meal. Whipping up his favourite dishes in your kitchen will really rock his world.

Or secondly, if you feel you lack the time or culinary skills, you can always take him to ‘his place’. You see on V Day most men pick a place they think their lady would expect or like on this occasion, not typically the kind of place they’d visit.
So surprise him by taking him to his favorite hangout. It could be a Steak house, a sports bar or even a local ‘zhi char’ stall he cant get enough of.

Note that I didn’t place this in the ‘frugal’ section because your man may very well have a penchant for fine grade steak or caviar. But the realization that you actually know what he likes is going to score some major brownie points.

3. The other way to a man’s heart is through his…
There are several elements involved here.

Firstly is location, location, location. You want somewhere where you can be totally alone, with no interruptions. Ambience is also key.
So you can either transform your own apartment into a completely different romantic hideout or go all out and splurge on a hotel room.

The key idea here to break away from the norm and create a new and exciting experience for the both of you.
Secondly, the night could include eat-in dinner, or maybe you would like to go straight to dessert. Either way stock up on his favourite foods or treats for well… recharging energy to keep the evening going as long as possible.

Lastly, it’s all about the outfit. What does he like? Satin or lace? Red or Black? Lingerie or his shirt? Sexy nurse outfit or au naturel?

4. The best gift of all
Really take an effort in your appearance this special day. Get your hair and nails done. Prune all necessary areas. Make sure you smell good all over.

Dolling up is a good idea especially for stay at home wives whose hubbies don’t get to see them dressed to the nine’s very often. Putting effort into looking like a knock-out will do the trick.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean dressing up. For some working women, maybe your man just wants to see you in something comfortable or natural. Makeup-free, hair loose and dressed for a day of fun and activity.
Again, go with what you know your man wants.
With these tips I hope both you and your loved one will have a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

He says... 

1. Take the initiative; be prepared 
You wear the pants; this is your one chance to be a male chauvinistic pig and not be judged for it. Women want to be pampered, especially on Valentine’s. So start planning in advance. Restaurants don’t magically book themselves. Gifts from the heart take time, love and effort to find or make. A month in advance is about right.

If however, she insists on setting the scene for the night of your dreams, there’s not much left for you to do except enjoy the evening’s surprises. Try not give her any unpleasant ones from your end.

How hard is that? Let me count the ways, beginning with a part of you that needs to be soft and tender for the occasion. I’m talking, of course, about your heart. Be tender and receptive to her plans for the evening, and compliment her on how good she looks and smells, etc. Small details matter, and you can’t fake appreciation.

Then later in the evening, there’s another part of you that needs to quite hard (and turgid) when it is needed. Make sure you have the proper aids at arm’s reach to avoid making the evening’s ending an anti-climax.

2. Surprise her with a getaway gift
Don’t worry about surprising her with the news on the day or even the night itself. If she asks you to come by her place for the evening, it’s easy to turn up, blow out her lit candles, place the uncooked food back in the fridge and tell her that the scattered flower petals gracing the way to the bedroom can wait a night or two while you two enjoy your getaway in a place that’s out of this world.

She won’t even have to pack. Simply stow away enough for a night of passion and romance that is far far from the maddening crowd. Out there, amongst the stars, sand and sea, a cosy Valentine’s day set to candlelight is sure to be unforgettable, even by you.

It’ll be a pleasant surprise for her, and you’ll do more than just whisk her away to another world.

3. Be classy; rise above roses
No doubt, Valentine’s Day would not be complete without flowers, and no woman would care to be seen without one on this day, as it lets her trumpet to the world that she too, is loved. But why be happy with that?

Consider looking for “roses” that can’t be bought with a credit card. What moves your baby? It is for her to know, and for you to find out. Do your homework. If Moet is her poison, how about a bouquet of rose-coloured crystal champagne fluted glasses?

Or, for more variations on the theme of roses, place rose-shaped sticky notes in unexpected places throughout the house that she’ll find, with handwritten reminders of all the things that you love about her.

4. Dial the charm all the way up to 11
When you reach home, have her slip off her heels and into soft comfortable fluffy slippers. Or go the whimsical route and print her a cleverly-worded gift certificate that is lifetime-redeemable for the gift of you.

You’ll spend many more Valentine’s Days together. Why not set a standard for the rest (and everybody) to follow? This day is only special if you decide to make it so.

And with that, I hope you’ll have a very special and romantic Valentine’s Day. Sweep her off her feet!

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